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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

About Us

// slow fashion //

BASIS Clothing, established in 2019, favors effortless, understated styling.
We work to create wearable basics that provide comfort and a good fit.
We see the goodness in slow fashion and make everything 
with timelessness and durability in mind.
We imagine the BASIS girl to be subtly stylish 
and unfazed by seasonal fads.

The BASIS label is designed in Singapore and pays tribute
to our tropical home with a focus on lightweight, breathable fabrics.
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where inspiration lies everywhere.


// curated vintage //

Come fall 2021, we welcome a new line

- Sustainable Luxury -
to the BASIS brand.

This curated collection of vintage and secondhand luxury garments is a conscious alternative to fast fashion. Each garment is handpicked for its exceptional make, transcendent design or fashion archival value.

By choosing existing garments over fast fashion, you save the planet from additional carbon emissions, water wastage and landfill waste.

Thank you for shopping consciously with BASIS.