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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Brand Philosophy

Once a fast fashion brand, BASIS now goes slow. We've seen firsthand how
when things move fast, processes get compromised, people get overworked and wastage runs high. 

The new BASIS will go easy - easy on us, easy on you and hopefully a teeny bit easier
on the environment that surrounds us. 

We take our sampling process slow, pondering over fabrics, colours and measurements, to ensure comfort, durability and a good fit. Clothes that wear well last longer in your wardrobe.

In the event that your BASIS clothing no longer serves its purpose for you, donate, upcycle, mend or recycle it, so that it never has to spend time in a landfill.



Your BASIS order comes in a kraft envelope that can be reused for mailing, gifting or filing. When all else fails, add it to the recycling bin so that none of it goes to waste.

This is always a work in progress.

With one small step at a time, may the brand one day be a true reflection of our hearts and visions.

xoxo, Team BASIS.